Friday, September 03, 2010

The Complete Athlete on Performance Health

Donnie Watson of The Complete Athlete noted in an interview today the rebranding of his Performance Symposiums. Even though it seems like a small naming change (adding Performance Health to the title) he was emphatic that it really is the delineating factor between TCA and other baseball and strength/conditioning operations.

"Lots of other coaches claim to improve performance," he said. "But dig deeper and look for the science-based reasons for what they are teaching and you won't find much. We aim to change that for the betterment of the game and our players."

Watson also mentioned that just a few spots remain for his September 11/12 Weekend Performance Health Symposium at Trinity Christian Academy in Addison, Texas (a beautiful facility by-the-way) where Watson also coaches. Price for the weekend has been lowered to $299 to accommodate today's economic times.

He recently returned from a weekend coaches training with former partner and mentor, Dr. Tom House, where he brushed up on new techniques, systems and research influencing House's work at USC.

"It is vital to a player's pursuit of his or her potential, that they get as much of this information as possible. And we don't just want to lecture, we want to make each athlete their own best coach, so they have the tools to perform pain-free for the climb ahead." said Watson.

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