Friday, January 08, 2010

A new site, some new perspectives

With 2010 already showing signs of being a topsy-turvy sports year, we've located a new site that promises some genuine off-the-record insights into breakthroughs and coaching/performance gurus who are affecting big and small changes in the way athletes train, compete and reach their goals in amateur and professional ranks. The site is called, and we highly recommend reading the sports section (and all sections if you have time) when you get a few minutes.

The first article we read was on pitching guru Donnie Watson of the Complete Athlete. Watson is away from D1 coaching now and out working (along w/ world-famous oath Dr. James Andrews) to prevent injury and change the mindsets of coaches and trainers who seem Hell-bent on putting pitchers through the injury-repair-injury cycle. Great article, and we're rooting for Watson, who's had some setbacks but continues to be a visionary in baseball throwing training and mechanics.

One more good point about GuruTrack: they're new, so subscribers can get free access, then 1/2 price subscriptions and eventually go to full price -- a whopping $9.95 a month. Big bargain at a much higher price. One of their editors also mentioned that they are entertaining all sorts of suggestions for experts to interview this year. If you know one (or more), nominate them at the site's "Sneak Peek" page. You'll get immediate access to their free trial thereafter too.

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