Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The LIST -- College Baseball Players Who Made it to a Major League Baseball Team

"TexBall Ed. Note: We found this list and thought it would be fun for our readers to see how many and who made it from collegiate ball to the show. Read this intro then click to go to baseball-almanac.com for the entire list.
Baseball Almanac is pleased to present 'The Colleges', an ongoing research project that lists every player from specific colleges who appeared in at least one college baseball game and made it to the major league level.
This menu represents the third phase of the college baseball project. The first phase was college data on the player's biographical pages, the second phase are pages dedicated to each college � with the first linking to the second and vice versa as they are being created & the third phase is the grouping of the individual college pages along side other college baseball related pages.
Menu Notes: Actual / historical college names are used inside of each page below AND on each player's bio. Example: Texas A&M University was once called Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas. The latter will be found on the Texas A&M page below and each player who attended during that timeframe will have the latter / proper school name also."


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