Thursday, September 15, 2005

The NCAA Is The Enemy

The NCAA Is The Enemy: "At a high school baseball information seminar, sponsored by Encore Sports and Perfect Game ID Camps, held in Decatur, Alabama, those in attendance were treated to the insight of college baseball coaching legend Ron Polk, of Mississippi State University.
As Coach Polk started his discussion, which was to be on the role of high school coaches and parents in recruiting, he announced, 'The NCAA is the enemy of college baseball!'
Coach Polk further went on to explain that at this point in his career he has made it his goal to berate the NCAA leadership and it's unfair treatment of college baseball programs, at every opportunity.
Coach Polk explained that several years ago it was decided that all NCAA DI men's sports scholarship totals would be reduced by 10%, across the board. This in the face of Title IX compliance. If you look at total allowable scholarships for men's sports you will see the unusual amounts, like 11.7 for baseball. This came as a result of reducing the previous number (13) by 10%.
Did you know that the NCAA Division I men's baseball College World Series is the second (2nd) largest championsip series sponsored by the NCAA? Coach Polk made this point .... the baseball regionals, super-regionals and CWS are surpassed in revenue generated for the NCAA only by the men's basketball tournament. What about football? Those bowl games "


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